Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Hulahula River and Mt. Chamberlain

I was looking through some of Dan's photos of his ANWR trip with a successful ascent of Mt. Chamberlain and a successful descent of the Hulahula River.  I'll let the photo speak for itself for now, and let Dan tell the story in a later post!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lake Clark National Park featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Pick up a copy of the June/July 2009 National Geographic Adventure Magazine and flip to page 55!  You won't see our smiling mugs (although the boater in the photo looks pretty happy), but you get a chance to read about our favorite park in Alaska, Lake Clark National Park.  Featured as one of the "Best of the Great Parks," Lake Clark was catagorized as the Ultimate Wilderness.  Not a bad place to hang out.

Alaska Alpine Adventures received a mention as the go to guides for the park.

It's a great issue, make sure to grab a copy!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Exploratory Adventures

Almost every year, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity as a company to explore new remote places in Alaska.  From amazing backpacking traverses to paddling new water, it broadens our horizons and furthers our love for the Alaskan wilderness.

Earlier this week, Dan and I returned from exploratory adventures, on opposite sides of the state.  In ANWR, Dan and co-guide Joe Stock led a stout group of explorers up Mount Chamberlain (the highest peak in the Brooks Range) and floated to the top of the continent on the HulaHula River. Seth Plunkett and I traveled to the Alaska Peninsula with 2 returning adventurers to hike and paddle in the Aniakchak National Monument (the least visited unit in the National Park system), floating out through the Aleutian Range to the Pacific Ocean.

What are exploratory trips at Alaska Alpine Adventures?  For 10 years, we have been taking guests to the far reaches of Alaska's National Park's, visiting places seen by few people.  Places where there are no trails, no footprints, no people.  

On both trips, along with our clients, we experienced real wilderness, real Alaska.